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Samples of Our Typecasting Projects Over the Years

The typefoundry was established at the Hill & Dale essentially to assure a steady supply of cast type for use in Hill & Dale printing projects as they are undertaken. This typefoundry “sideline” has grown tremendously over the past 50 years to the point where over 5,000 matrix fonts are on hand in sizes ranging from 4 point to 72 point—ready for the appropriate project to come along.

When that instance occurs, most often several extra fonts are cast and made available to other discerning letterpress enthusiasts, with published announcements made available primarily via the bundles of the Amalgamated Printers’ Association.

Whenever such a project is undertaken, the new casting is explained as well as possible via promotional fliers or single sheets. On this page you will see many pieces that have been done over the years, showing the great variety of designs which have been cast.

Cast fonts are not kept “on the shelves.” With rare exceptions, castings are not undertaken for others unless the proprietor shares great enthusiasm for the proposed project.

Casting an individual font consumes a great amount of time because each letter requires a matrix change and a close inspection to assure proper alignment and character widths. Such considerations are multiplied greatly when work is cast from historic matrices which have been acquired from American Type Founders and other private sources. In such instances special matrix holders are necessary, as well as careful milling of type heights when matrices are used having a “drive” depth exceeding 50 thousandths.

But once these concerns are addressed, it generally as easy to cast ten or more fonts as it is to cast the one needed at the Hill & Dale. That is when spare fonts become available, priced as modestly as possible and made available strictly on a first-come first-served basis.

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